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The globe requires brave individuals to testify for Jesus Christ.

Cor's mission is to cultivate and fortify the faith and moral character of Catholic men as missionary followers by engaging them in a more profound connection with Jesus Christ through prayer, education, and brotherhood.


The Knights of Columbus are initiating COR, a weekly gathering for prayer and Bible study aimed at all men in the parish—not exclusive to Knights.

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The inaugural meeting is scheduled for:

January 22, 2024, at 7 pm @ STM.  At St. Thomas More Church, in Peregrine Room (under The Padre).

If you seek to delve deeper into your faith alongside fellow parishioners, reach out to Rodger to secure a spot:

Screen Shot 2024-01-04 at 1.31.24 PM.png

The Knights of Columbus empower Catholic men to live their faith and serve their family, parish, community, and country. Why? Because families need strong husbands and fathers, and the world needs bold witnesses to Jesus Christ. Through Cor, men are shaped as committed disciples of Jesus, ready to live and share their faith courageously.


 It's every Catholic man's responsibility to bring Jesus to a fractured world. To fulfill this mission, they require a robust relationship with God rooted in prayer and the sacraments. Active investment in ongoing faith formation and participation in a supportive brotherhood are vital for men to become holy and engaged in the Church's mission.

Cor's mission is to center Catholic men on Jesus Christ, strengthening their faith and virtues through a brotherhood devoted to prayer, education, and community. Each Cor gathering aims to facilitate encounters with Christ, collective prayer, spiritual growth, and the nurturing of brotherly bonds, preparing men for courageous leadership in evangelizing their families and communities.

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